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What's a Story Swatch?

Story Swatch is a collection of character studies, people watching, freewrites, and observations: the scraps of life that create stories. It's a story generator: a place where writers can come to get ideas for use in their own projects. Its a hub where writers can find recommendations to hone their craft, to have fun with new material, and to make connections with other writers like them. 

People Watching

Observation skills are the most powerful tool any writer can develop. Story Swatch offers writers character studies, anecdotes, images and more in the hopes of nurturing ideas that build into excellent storytelling. 

Change One Thing

"When a woman changes her hair, she's about to change her life." - unknown

Story Swatch can treat your writer's block by offering a plethora of new exposure that will help you break out of the rut. Timed freewrites. Diverse, real stories. Content that's designed to trigger new ideas. Sometimes you just need to change one thing about your routine in order to break free into a huge discovery. When's the last time you wrote for fun? Played with a new pen? Wrote a piece without using the letters, "C-R-A-Z-Y?" Read another writer's advice on craft? Come explore and find new ground. 

Secret Swatches

From time to time we'll send you tips, resources, and ideas

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StorySwatch.com is a writing resource site that includes writing prompts, writing supplies, and writer support. It has demonstrated potential for branding, monetization, multiple traffic and commerce sources, and community building within an engaged audience.  The world needs writers and writers need support, supplies, and ideas. The StorySwatch domain is for sale. 


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